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Gutter Repair and Installation

professional cleaner doing gutters cleaning

Are you looking for a company in the Rochester area to handle your gutter repair and installation related tasks either at your residential home or commercial building property? If so, you’ve come to the right place because this is exactly what we specialize in.

To learn more about the gutter repair and installation services that we provide, please read on:

Gutter Repair

Gutter repairs are common, and generally quick, fixes to sections of gutters.  Sectional gutters repairs include replacing miters, or screwing them back together, reattaching any sections of gutter that have pulled away from the house, as well as re-caulking seams of gutters. While seamless gutter repairs don’t deal with miters or caulking, they still need to be maintained and repaired. A common problem with seamless gutters are holes occurring in the gutter. Depending on the size of the hole, there are a few options to patch it up or plug the hole.

Seamless Gutter Installation

If using a professional to install seamless gutters, the process can be interesting to sit back and watch. Your metal of choice goes through a gutter-cutting machine, and then is cut to create the exact size you need for each location. The install goes quickly as they secure it to your fascia and roof. If you want to install seamless gutters yourself, you will need to buy a gutter-cutting machine, or rent one. This can be a costly addition to the installation process, making a professional installation a better option.

Sectional Gutter Installation

Most DIY-ers will choose to install sectional gutters on their own, over the seamless variety. It’s important to note that sectional gutter installations take longer than seamless. You will first need to sketch out your system and measure your roofline.  When you are putting together the sectional pieces, it is best to put them together on the ground first, then lift them for install. A sectional gutter installation is a lot of time up high on a ladder. Investing in a ladder stabilizer will not only make your time on the ladder safer, it gives you more space to install the gutters.


While gutter repairs will generally cost you less than a full installation, its smart to look at all your options. If you are doing numerous gutter repairs, you might look at the cost of a full installation instead. Seamless gutter installations cost just under $2,000 on average. That is for aluminum gutters.  Differences in material can make that price go up. Sectional gutters on average come in at just over $1,000. If your gutter repairs are adding up quickly, a complete gutter installation might be the better option. While sectional gutters last on average 10-15 years, seamless gutters can last 30 years. Consider making the investment to seamless to save you headache down the road.